Dina Vass & Barbera Tucker live

Dance Divas Delight Defected Showcase!

If you know Dina Vass then you know 'The Love I Have For You'. The Full Inention mix was a defining moment of the early funky house seen, has proved to be popular on dancefloors from Surrey to Singappore, Seattle and Sydney. So when Defected Record invited Dina and Full Intention to perform at their invite only showcase held at the 100 Club and hosted by House Legend Barbera Tucker, they could hardly say no, could they?

Dina Vass & Babera Tucker sharing a stage - if you like funky soulful house, it gets no better!

The night was a huge sucess, and the if you were lucky enough to be there, you'll know what I'm talking about! All the performers and DJ's involved turned out spectacular performances, and the dancefloor was heaving until we were all thown out at 2am - well, it was a wednesday.


Hoxton Whores vs. Dina Vass

Come Be With Me storms dancefloors nationwide

If you tune in to Pete Tong on Fridays, you may have heard his phone interview with UK House stalwarts, the Hoxton Whores. Broadcast on Friday 3rd March 2006, Gary and Kevin let Tongy and the nation have a sneak peak at their forthcoming release: Dina Vass vs. Hoxton Whore - Come Be With Me.

Come Be With Me features Dina's trademark fantastic vocal, coupled with some dexterous guitar riffs on this pulsing latin track

The response generated from this sneak peek was very positive, but the track is not out yet. The boys are waiting for some hot commissioned remixes to come back, once they are in the bag they will begin to promote the track.

So keepy your eyes peeled, true funky house fans - this dancefloor bomb is destined to drop before the summer, and when it does, the shockwaves will be felt on dancefloors across the country!


Dina Vass & Association

Let You Get Away Radio 1 Tune of the Week!

On Tuesday the 7th of February, Radio One selected the New Dina Vass & Association Track, 'Let You Get Away' as their Tune of the week. The Radio One website describes the track as

"...Big Room stuff that really does the dirty on the dance floor."

They paid special attention to Peter Presta's NYC Mix, likening it to the missing track from Underworlds third LP.

Obviously, Dina and the Association boys were pleased by this vote of confidence from Radio One. Dina Vass & Association - Let You Get Away will be out in March on Phonetic Recordings.