Welcome to my web site

Finally the new site is up and running. As the old saying goes, All good things come to those who wait! Time out was definitely necessary to recoup! This also allowed us to focus on the new future projects and new music that’s up and coming for this year and for as long as we can keep going! There will be few nice surprises such as re-production of the live material Dina was recording way back in the 80’s. The music that first inspired her and you will hear examples of her early work but with a fresh finish including various styles of Dance music from Musical/vocal Drum and Bass to various styles of Dance. As Dina has an eclectic taste in music, she believes in creating music based on the mood she is in. Everyone has their favourites, so they’ll be plenty to listen to on this particular site!

So please look around our new features where you will find new and the old music favourites. They’ll be reports about the new gigs, news stories, gig video footage and much more! What we are most excited about now is that you can buy our products directly from the website, including special compilations of Dina’s tracks that you can’t buy in the shops. Here at Dina-Vass.com we are always about the feel good factor! Send us an e mail if you have any feedback, we are always interested in hearing your comments!

What Dina's doing in 2009

Well, so far she has been pretty busy...

2009 started with a bang for Dina, performing to a packed out crowd in club warehouse. As usual, the atmosphere was electric, and it was a night to remember. Dina regards the Warehouse as her home away from home, and cannot wait ti get down there and perform again. Photos can be seen here.

In February, Dina was over in Swnasea, Wales, with In Bed With Space. She hosted their Ibiza style party at Club Play. The Party was a complete success, and Dina was blown away by the warm reception she received from everybody there.

Finally, Dina recently launched her own night – Funky Philosophy. The opening party was at Bar Ortega in Southend, and was a complete success. With Basil Isaacs on percussion, Dean Facey on vocals and DJ Simon C from love 2 funk, Southend literally did not know what had hit it. Thanks to everyone who came down to support us, we'll let you know when the next night is going to be.

So whats next for Dina in 2009? Stay tuned for more info...